The Process

Being your own boss is awesome, and challenging, and awesome, and frustrating, and awesome some more. I get to, and have to be my own carrot and stick. Teacher and student. I would be foolish not to recognize how much there is to learn about clothing design, and running a store. Not to mention learning about my own creativity, work process, organization, motivation. The entire process of the last 5 months has been educational in every respect. I've laughed, triumphed, failed, cried, and picked myself up to go through it all one more time. I expect that will be an inherent part of running a business where you are the sole employee.

As a reminder to myself that all of this is a process (successes and failures together) I took my working pattern piece from the front of my Moto Bike Jacket and made myself a wall hanging. Even the process of creating the wall hanging was a mix of success, failure, and accepting what isn't perfect. The pattern piece itself shows the whole story of how it was designed. It looks nothing like the sleek final pattern piece that I will use to cut the final jacket with. It's lumpy with layers of tape and paper, full of eraser marks, crossings out, and mistakes. At the same time, it is this beautifully messy pattern piece that created the clean final draft. Origin, result, and all the spaces in between.

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