Moto Bike Jacket: part seven

The pattern is finished. This morning I worked up one last muslin of the bodice and sleeves to check my most recent changes, made one more tweak and it's done, all twenty-one pieces. 

The last changes I made were to use the shoulder yoke as a facing on the inside, and to shave a bit more off the hips which were still a wee bit bubbly. A quick transfer to paper, and that's it! I've walked my seams about a dozen times, and they look good enough that I am confident the change to the hips doesn't warrant an additional muslin. Thank goodness.

I have all my notions squared away, and the last step is to do some test sewing on the fabric to see how it is to work with so I don't hit any surprises during construction. If all goes well, the next post will be the big reveal just in time for Autumn and rainy biking weather. Read about the entire process here.