Back To School: Shop Now!

Today is the day! Gee Betty's Back To School 2017 collection is available for purchase! Are you as excited as we are?

My inspiration for this mini-collection was simplicity. Over the years my kids have made their opinions known about the things I make them, and time after time they choose the simplest items. For the start of Kindergarten last year I made my daughter a mini-wardrobe: patch-kneed jeans (that she requested), a beautiful linen shirt (that she requested), and a few other items (all at her request). The only piece she ever wore? The t-shirt I made with the quote "when in doubt go to the library" set inside a silhouette of Hermione Granger on it. 

My son is slightly less picky, and makes fewer specific requests, but his repeated choices of what to wear are telling enough. I made a test pair of these linen pants last year in a polka dot, dusky purple and I cannot wash them fast enough, he wants to wear them every day. They are officially his favorite pants.

Since I can't leave well enough alone and just put a plain tee in my store, I designed these tees with very special shoulder yoke details. The grey has the most amazing animal print I've ever seen. Whimsical without being too cute (is that possible?). The green a beautiful rainbow stripe that wraps all the way over the shoulder and onto the front. My kids have been dying to get their own ever since I started stitching them up. As they both say, these t-shirts are the softest things ever. 

The linen pants have an organic cotton wrapped elastic waistband for maximum comfort. They're roomy and easy to move in, and because they're made of thick, sturdy, soft, linen they will last through multiple kids, and zillions of washings, and scrubbing grass and dirt and lunch out of the knees.

We are ready for a back to school dance party, are you? Shop the collection here!