Back To School: All The Frustration

When I sat down to make my Spring/Summer collection, everything went smoothly. This time around, not so much. It seems the universe has saved all the hang-ups for this go around. In preparation for the work of sewing up my BTS inventory, I had my serger serviced so it would be in perfect working order. 7-10 days, they said. Three weeks later, still no word. So I called them up to find that it had been done for two weeks, but no one ever called me. It was a week and a half delay in getting started, but I was out of town for part of that time and had planned extra days. It's fine, I told myself, I have plenty of time (oh, last month Susan, you are so naive). 

Yesterday my iron broke. It's always leaked a bit, but yesterday it dumped most of the water tank. Ugh. So, I picked myself up and went out and bought a new one. A nice one. Maybe the universe thought I needed an upgrade (oh, yesterday afternoon Susan, you are so naive). So shiny. Hello, little robot iron.

I thought/hoped/expected that the iron fiasco would be the end of it, but my serger had been skipping stitches all day. No problem, I thought (oh, yesterday evening Susan, you are so naive), I'll just rethread it and change needles and adjust the tension and all will be well (so naive). After a day and a half of struggling with it, I realized that I had just had it serviced mere weeks ago, I should call the repair shop and have them look at it. They told me to bring it down, they would get it fixed up. No problem (oh, three hours ago Susan, you are so naive). Despite what I had believed (or maybe just was telling myself) I still do not have my serger fixed. I'm still waiting on the promised phone call (before close today!), but I'm feeling less than optimistic at this point.

I'm prepping fabric for the next garment in the collection while I wait, but I am still losing precious hours of time. At least ten years experience as a teacher taught me how to work under pressure. First shut your classroom door and cry until you feel better, then go home and have a drink, then tackle the problem with renewed vigor before school and get it completed just before the bell. See, I'll be fine. I have a plan. In the meantime, enjoy this little sneak peek.