Bridal: Deep-V Wedding Dress

She wanted to be able to dance in her dress, and dance she did.

gee betty bridal

In our brainstorming sessions, we spent a lot of time discussing the idea of a convertible dress. She wanted to dance. A long, flowing, more formal skirt for the ceremony and something shorter for dancing in. Unfortunately, we weren't going to be able to make the convertible dress work without substantial increase in cost or sacrificing the long lines of the skirt with some kind of layering. We finally settled on a long, full circle skirt with a 15" train and a good bustle and it was oh so perfect.

bridal gee betty

There are five yards each of silk charmeuse and silk chiffon in the skirt, and Caitlin says it's like wearing a cloud. It certainly looks like a cloud.

wedding dress silk
cloud wedding dress silk bridal

The dress survived some epic dancing, the straps stayed put, Cait swears it was comfortable all day, and the way the skirt twirls erases any trauma incurred by the 24 hours I spent hand-rolling the hem. It was perfect. See the whole story here.

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deep v backless wedding dress
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