Make It Last: zero waste projects

Sewing makes scraps. I do my best to minimize the waste by being efficient with my cutting layout, but sewing for the store has definitely increased the amount of scraps I'm not putting in the trash. I also was in need of a mindless project to get me back in the swing after the holidays. Enter the tragically flattened bean bags.

gee betty

I have already re-stuffed the grey one with fabric scraps once before, but the other poly-fill and styrofoam beans have flattened even more since then. These were meant to be nice, sturdy footstools, but past me was cheap and didn't want to buy 10 bags of poly-fill (who am I kidding, I still wouldn't buy the damn things). The beauty of stuffing things with shredded fabric scraps? It doesn't compress much over time.

Four bags of fabric scraps meet gleeful rotary cutter mania!

zero waste

Attacking this pile of scraps with my rotary cutter was oddly soothing to my remaining holiday stress. Re-stuffing is easy, just pick out the original section of hand-stitched closure, stuff, and blind-stitch closed. Definitely plan on vacuuming when you're finished. 

gee betty zero waste projects

The final product is sturdy but still has some squish to it. My son has already appropriated both of them as a landing pad for his couch jumping game. Both former bean bags have been reborn as sturdy floor seats/foot stools and my scrap pile is significantly reduced. This method would be perfect for reviving a flatted dog bed, pillow, kid chair, or floor cushion. Shredded fabric scraps make a great substitute for poly-fill in most occasions, the only thing to consider is that they are heavier than most other stuffings. You don't even have to have scraps of fabric like I do. That pile of clothes you're planning on taking to that big chain donation store? They throw 90% of it in the trash. For real. Shred it and use it.

That's the business for now. I hope you all had a lovely New Year. We spent ours joyfully riding bikes, and flying our kite in the freezing wind. Cheers!

gee betty