Moto Bike Jacket: part six

Well, I've reached the "Ordeal, Death, Rebirth" portion of the Hero's Journey. I thought I was sewing up my last muslin, making a few tweaks and going to final pattern this weekend. I mean, my kids and husband are out of town. I have the house to myself, no one but me to take care of, all the time in the world. And when you are a parent, three days alone (alone!) is the greatest gift you can receive from the universe. I have not had to referee a sibling argument while trying to shower since Thursday afternoon. I miss it. Kind of. And then, sometimes I don't. I digress.

I had the best plans for my alone time. Sew, eat, sleep, bike, read, soccer, repeat. Most everything went to plan, save the sewing. I drafted the facings for my pattern, got stuck on just how I wanted to draft the pockets. Not too bad, pockets can wait. I eagerly cut out all of my many pieces in muslin, and started stitching. Nothing could stop me! I finally finished the complete muslin, including my many-times-drafted hood, and it needs more work than I thought. Compared to the original, the changes are small. In all honesty though, I'm losing steam. I was so excited to complete this project that when I discovered I wasn't where I wanted to be, I crumpled it into a ball and went back to my book. 

This morning I came back to it and worked on fixing the issues, got near to finished, and now I'm stuck again. I need some time away from it so I can let my brain figure it out without interference. I'm setting it aside for a week. One. Week. Here's a quick pic of where I'm at. You can see the neckline is pulling weirdly when the hood is down, and the hips are weird and bubbly. I was able to fix the hip issue (the front bodice piece was too curvy at the side), but the neck is where I'm stuck. When I finally get it fixed, it will be the last change. It's really the last hurdle. I swear. Thanks for sticking with me. Find the rest of the journey here.