New Item: Polka Dotty Shorts

I finally had a chance to get our newest item finished and listed in the shop: the Polka Dotty Shorts in magenta!

I love the, the color, the fabric, all of it. In fact, as I was stitching them up I found myself plotting to make a pair in my own size (though I'm out of this fabric). These shorts are made up in a sturdy linen canvas from Echino, that like all fabrics from Echino, is spectacularly soft. I've used this fabric to make the coziest, softest quilts for my kids' beds and here I go wishing I had all things made from this fabric.

I asked my daughter (who would like you all to know that she is almost six and can skip two on the monkey bars) what her favorite thing about these shorts was and her answer was the color. I asked her how they fit (size 6) and she said the waistband was soft, and she had room to run around. The size 6 fits her with plenty of room, and unless she has unprecedented growth spurts over the next year, I'm sure these will fit her next summer as well.

My son (age 3 and quite tall) has a pair in different fabric in a size 2 that he is rapidly growing out of. A size 4 would easily take him through next summer. But, aren't boy shorts usually longer? He likes that they don't restrict his legs when he is riding his bike, and in truth, on little legs they are not noticeably shorter than typical "boy" shorts. Here at Gee Betty, we don't put restrictions on gender. Wear what you like kids!

As a parent, my favorite thing about these shorts is the washability. Wash on cold, and throw them in the dryer. Easy peasy. As a clothing maker, the thing I love most about these shorts are the little details. The pleats and diagonal pocket in the front give such a nice shape to the bubble short design, and the cuffs really just make these shorts look special. You don't get details like that in mass production.

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Man it feels good to check things off my list. Now, you can check "Get Summer Shorts" off your own list, and go fill your cart!