35 Things a.k.a. When Things Go Wrong

Or, in other words: I spent a long time on Saturday working on what was going to be an awesome video of some patternwork and then the file just disappeared. Gone. It's not on the camera. It's not in the cloud. It's not on the computer. Gone. I've begun to wonder if it ever existed, did I imagine making the video? At this point that's basically the only explanation, except that I have the beautiful finished product and I watched all 11 minutes of the video back after I made it. 

Needless to say, I don't have an awesome video for you all. Instead, I'm going to take this frustrating moment and focus on the positive. So in honor of my 35th birthday yesterday, here are 35 things that make me happy (in no particular order).

1. Drinking coffee out of my mermaid mug in the morning

2. Riding my bike on sunny days

3. Fresh eggs (we keep chickens)


4. Reading Harry Potter to my kids (we're on book 5)

5. Brownies baked with unrefined coconut oil instead of vegetable oil (seriously, you have to try this)

6. Sleeping with the windows open

7. Geometry

8. My neon yellow soccer cleats

9. Traveling the world

10. My husband's enthusiasm for offbeat projects (like the land sail boat!)


11. Strawberries picked from my yard

12. Watching my kids be best friends

13. Fat baby cheeks

14. Books that are so engrossing that you have to keep reading them until you are finished

15. The public library

16. Working in my garden

17. Playing soccer with my ladies


18. Passing a whole line of cars on my bike and timing how long it takes for them to catch me

19. My old kitty Miko/Skeletor/Grumpy Cat

20. Getting smooches from my sweet baby boy who isn't really a baby anymore

21. Being really sweaty after an awesomely hard soccer game

22. That feeling when your muscles are just wasted after soccer/biking/swimming/hiking

23. Speaking of hiking, I love hiking in the forest

24. Camping in the forest 

25. Being so far from civilization that your phone doesn't work

26. The smell of the forest


27. Bike dates with my husband

28. Eating take out on the couch with my husband while we watch the latest episode of whatever

29. Holding hands with people I love

30. When the thing I'm sewing turns out perfect

31. Figuring out the solution to a really challenging problem

32. Building boats with kids

33. Ladies' night out with food and excellent conversation

34. Ladies' bike camping trips

35. When it finally starts to rain after a hot summer

Well, that's 35. Now that I've begun it's hard to stop, but I will...after one more:

36. Sharing the things I make here with you all.