Featured: Fox Dreams Shorts For Boys & Girls!

It's unusually warm here in Portland today, and though we Pacific Northwesterners are known to pull out shorts and sandals when the mercury hits 50, at 80 degrees today is truly worthy. In celebration of our blue skies and warm breeze, let's talk about shorts! Find our featured item here!

This fabric might be my favorite ever! It's a sturdy linen with silver foxes on a blue-grey and natural night sky motif. These shorts are mid-length, not too short or too long, with giant pockets. My kids love to collect rocks, flowers, and leaves and they need a place to put them! 

My son turned three in March and these shorts are perfect for him. They have a faux fly with a soft, stretchy waistband so he doesn't have to worry about buttons and zippers when he inevitably leaves the trip to the toilet until the last possible second.

My daughter loves how roomy the Fox Dreams Shorts are so she has plenty of room for bike riding and monkey bars. She can also layer them with her favorite Lacy Leggings when it's still chilly outside. 

These shorts are also available in the Hipster Impala print. I was only able to get very limited quantities of these fabrics, so once they're gone, they're gone! Get a pair for your kiddo today and enjoy them all summer!